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                Professional Japanese cedar fence supplier

Fence Empire LLC is a materials supplier for US wholesaler and building materials stores, professionally service for Japanese cedar fencing, rail, post, decking, S4S, T&G of our unique industry, also involve in ornamental metal fence and Aluminum fence. Our materials transit by ship, railroad cars & trucks nationally and internationally.

Fence Empire have his family-owned mills in China, which make sure that we can offers an array of grades and sizing to meet the broad needs of the fence industry across North America. Fence Empire have own professional import & export team to meet North American markets needs. Already become one of most important Japanese cedar fence supplier.

Empire Fence is proud of our mills and producers who maintain a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, coupled with dedication to the adherence to the highest in quality and grading standards.

All our wood materials plant in Japan, milled in our own mills.

Please contact us with your inquiries and requirements. Our team of professionals welcome you and look forward to contributing to your success.



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